Technical Reports of the Meteorological Research Institute

No. 13

A Description of the MRI Atmospheric General Circulation Model
(The MRI·GCM - I)

Forecast Research Division, MRI

DOI : 10.11483/mritechrepo.13


Preface in Japanese, Foreword, Contents, Preface and Introduction
Chapter 0
Governing equations in the continuous form
Chapter 1
Vertical differencing
Chapter 2
Upper boundary condition
Chapter 3
Horizontal differencing
Chapter 4
Special treatment near the poles
Chapter 5
Time integration
Chapter 6
Transport process of moisture and ozone
Chapter 7
Penetrative cumulus convection
Chapter 8
Planetary boundary layer
Chapter 9
Convective adjustments and condensation
Chapter 10
Ground hydrology and thermodynamics
Chapter 11
Vertical and horizontal sub-grid-scale transports
Chapter 12
Photochemical process of ozone
Chapter 13
I. Tree diagram of the MRI·GCM-I
II. Srface boundary conditions and numerical constants used in the MRI·GCM-I