Technical Reports of the Meteorological Research Institute

No. 15

An Intercomparison Study Between the Wave Models MRI and MRI-II
—A Compilation of Results—

Oceanographycal Research Division, MRI

MARCH 1985
DOI : 10.11483/mritechrepo.15


Preface in Japanese, Contents

1. Introduction
2. 0utline of the Models
3. Test Case of the Intercomparison Study
4. Specifications for Calculation and Plots
5. List of Diagrams
6. References

Case I
advection test (Fig.1-0-0 - Fig.14-0-0)
Case II
fetch and duration limited growth (Fig.15-7.4-1 - Fig.30-0-10)
Case III
slanting fetch (Fig.31-8.1-0 - Fig.49-8.5-0)
Case IV
half - plane wind (Fig.50-9.1-0 - Fig.67-9.5-0)
Case VII
90°change in wind direction (Fig.68-0-55 - Fig.96-10.11-0)
Case V
diagonal front (Fig.97-11.1-0 - Fig.112-11.6-0)
Case VI
stationary and moving hurricane (Fig113-12.1-0 - Fig.154-12.4-0)