Department of Typhoon and Severe Weather Research
Third Laboratory

Summary Account

The mission of this laboratory is to conduct scientific research both to develop observing techniques including those for dual-polarization Doppler weather radar and/or wind profiler and to improve methods for monitoring and prediction of severe weather (e.g., heavy rainfall, hail, downburst, tornado, and lightning) with the observing techniques.

Our research related to dual-polarization Doppler weather radar includes:
- quantitative precipitation estimation with high precision and accuracy,
- classification of hydrometeor,
- identification of tornadic debris signature, and
- retrieval of low-level water vapor fluctuation.

The research related to wind profiler includes the development of methods to estimate the vertical profile of wind and temperature in the lower atmosphere using radio and acoustic waves.


Job titleName
HeadYAMAUCHI Hiroshi
ResearcherUMEHARA Akihito
ResearcherUNUMA Takashi

Ordinary research