Hideaki KAWAI / 川合秀明

■ Affiliation

Senior Researcher
Department of Physical Meteorology Research, Meteorological Research Institute (MRI), JMA

/ 気象庁気象研究所気象予報研究部 主任研究官

■ Research Interests

Clouds: Boundary layer clouds, Stratocumulus, Stratiformis, Marine Fog

  • Parameterizations : Global Models, Sub-grid scale variabilities of clouds
  • Cloud Processes : Aerosol indirect effect
  • Climate Change : Future Changes in Clouds, Cloud Feedbacks
  • Satellite Cloud Data : Relationships between cloud properties and meteorological fields

■ Publications

■ Presentations

■ Degree

Ph. D. (Science), Kyoto University

■ Academic Societies

Meteorological Society of Japan (日本気象学会), American Geophysical Union

■ Committee Membership

■ Paper Reviews

Journal of Climate,
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences,
Journal of Geophysical Research,
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems,
Geophysical Research Letters,
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics,
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan,
SOLA (Science Online Letters on the Atmosphere),
Geoscience Letters, etc.