TANIKAWA, Tomonori

Job title Senior Resercher/The 4th lab./Department of Physical Meteorology Research
E-mail ritanikawatomon
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Expertise Radiative transfer in the atmosphere-cryosphere system. Optical properties of snow/sea ice based on the experimental/observational studies and radiative transfer modeling, and its application to satellite remote sensing of cryosphere
Degree Dr. Sci.
Service and others
  • Editor of Bulletin of Glaciological Research (BGR) published by the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice
  • Second-generation Global Imager subcommittee member under the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) science advisory committee
  • Visiting research scholar in the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA)
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  • Research on Atmospheric Physical Processes: atmosphere-cryosphere interaction
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Fostering Joint International Research (A)), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, "Advanced sea ice radiation scheme for climate models by combined use of sea ice radiation transfer model and satellite observation" (FY2023-FY2024) (PI)
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, "Quantitative evaluation of three major light-absorbing impurities that accelerate glacier melting" (FY2020-FY2022) (CI)
  • Arctic Challenge for Sustainability II (ArCS II), "(Cryosphere) A changing Cryosphere in a rapidly warming Arctic: Properties and processes" (FY2020-FY2024) (CI)
  • JAXA 3nd Research Announcement on the Earth Observations, "Development of an advanced method for monitoring the Arctic environments using GCOM-C/SGLI and the in-situ data collection and the collaboration with a numerical climate model for enhancing the value of the SGLI cryosphere products" (FY2022-FY2024) (CI)
  • JAXA 3nd Research Announcement on the Earth Observations, "Maintenance and improvement of sea ice concentration & thin ice area extraction algorithms for AMSR2 & AMSR3" (FY2022-FY2024) (CI)
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