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村上 正隆 / Masataka Murakami

専門分野雲物理 メソ気象 人工降雨
受賞歴、委員等 受賞歴
  • 日本大気電気学会賞(1987年)
  • 気象研究所所長表彰(2002年)
  • 米国気象学会 意図的・非意図的気象改変委員会 委員長
  • 世界気象機関 大気研究・環境計画 天気改変研究計画専門家チーム委員
  • 東京大学大気海洋研究所 客員教授
  • Temporal Variation of Close-Proximity Soundings within a Tornadic Supercell Environment
  • Asian dust and cirrus cloud properties as measured with balloon-borne instruments and ground-based Raman lidar over Tsukuba, Japan.
  • Aerosol characterization by dual-wavelength and polarization lidar measurements during field campaigns of Japanese Cloud Seeding Experiment for Precipitation Augmentation Project.
  • Implementation of a Silver Iodide cloud seeding parameterization in WRF. Part I: Model description and Idealized 2D sensitivity tests.
  • A novel adiabatic-expansion-type cloud simulation chamber.
  • Ice crystal concentration in midlatitude cirrus clouds: in situ measurements with the balloonborne HYVIS.
  • Assessment of Clouds Suitable for Summertime Precipitation Augmentation over Shikoku Island.
  • Resurgence in Ice Nuclei Measurement Research.
  • CCN ability of Asian mineral dust particles and their effects on cloud droplet formation.
  • Automated Continuous-Flow Thermal-Diffusion-Chamber Type Ice Nucleus Counter.
  • Kinematic and thermodynamical structures of longitudinal-mode snow bands over the Sea of Japan during cold air outbreaks.
  • The structure and formation mechanism of transversal cloud bands associated with the Japan-Sea Polar-Airmass Convergence Zone.
  • Microphysical structure of a developing convective snow cloud simulated by an improved version of the multi-dimensional bin model.
  • Effect of hygroscopic seeding on warm rain clouds – Numerical study using a hybrid cloud microphysical model
  • 渇水対策としての人工降雪効果の試算
  • 早明浦ダム周辺の降水量とダム貯水量の変動特性
  • Seedability Assessment for Winter Orographic Snow Clouds over the Echigo Mountains.
  • Wakasa Bay: An AMSR precipitation validation campaign.
  • Evaluation of the Influence of Saturation Adjustment with Respect to Ice on Meso-scale Model Simulations for the Case of 22 June, 2002.
  • Optical and Microphysical Properties of Upper Clouds Measured with the Raman Lidar and Hydrometeor Videosonde: A Case Study on 29 March 2004 over Tsukuba, Japan.
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