Taichu Y. Tanaka

Job titleHead
SectionThe fourth lab./Atmospheric Environment and Applied Meteorology Research Department
ExpertiseMeteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry; Numerical modeling of global atmospheric composition (especially, atmospheric aerosols)
DegreePh. D.
Awards & Committee membership Awards
  • Director Award of Meteorological Research Institute, as a team member for selecting the next generation supercomputing system in MRI
  • Director Award of Meteorological Research Institute, for developing the global aerosol forecast model MASINGAR mk-2.
  • Director Award of Meteorological Research Institute, as a research team member for developing the Earth System Model of the Meteorological Research Institute version 1.
Committee Membership
Publications Journal articles
  • Yumimoto, K., Tanaka, T. Y., Yoshida, M., Kikuchi, M., Nagao, T. M., Murakami, H., and Maki, T., 2018: Assimilation and Forecasting Experiment for Heavy Siberian Wildfire Smoke in May 2016 with Himawari-8 Aerosol Optical Thickness, J. Meteorol. Soc. Jpn., advpub, doi:10.2151/jmsj.2018-035.
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  • Tanaka, T. Y. and Ogi, A., 2018: On the upgrade of the JMA's global aeolian dust forecasting model. Sokko Jiho, 84, 109 - 128. PDF (in Japanese)
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Book Chapters
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For other publications, please see Google scholar citations, ResearchGate, or Researchmap.jp.
  • Research on innovation in observation, diagnosis and prediction for global environmental monitoring
  • Research on climate and environmental change with advanced climate modeling
  • MOE, The Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (S-12) "Evaluation of SLCP Environmental Impact and Promotion of Climate Change Countermeasures through Seeking the Optimal Pathway" (Co-Investigator)
  • NRA Japanese Radioactivity Survey fund, "Monitoring and numerical analysis of artificial radionuclide in the background atmosphere." (Co-Investigator)
  • JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) "Study of darkening Greenland ice sheet and its influence to the abrupt surface melting" (Co-Investigator)
  • Social and scientific priority issues to be tackled using Post ‘K’ Computers, "Advancing meteorological and global environmental predictions using observational ‘Big Data.’"
  • JAXA Earth Observation Research Announcement "Development of the near-real-time aerosol prediction system using data assimilation by geostationary meteorological satellite Himawari 8 Aerosol product" (PI)
  • Tottori University Arid Land Research Center Joint research program "Numerical model study for improving the estimation of the aeolian dust emission in the Gobi Desert"(Co-Investigator)
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