Department of Observation and Data Assimilation
Fourth Laboratory

Summary Account

Our research aims to improve the accuracy of short-range forecasts and to prevent disasters caused by local heavy rainfall and other mesosclae severe weather. We develop high-resolution data assimilation methods to better estimate the state of the atmosphere as the initial conditions of NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction) by using Observational 'Big-data'. We also improve the initial conditions of ensemble prediction to prevent the failures in all ensemble members,especially for high-impact weather prediction.


Job titleName
HeadKAWABATA, Takuya
Senior ResearcherIKUTA, Yasutaka
Senior ResearcherSAWADA, Ken
Senior ResearcherHOTTA, Daisuke
ResearcherYAMADA, Yoshinori

Ordinary research

Research on Data Assimilation Technologies and High-level Use of Observation Data