Simulation of Global Warming with the MRI Coupled Model

A Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model has been developed for simulation of climate change. The Global Warming is simulated by the model with a gradual increase of carbon dioxide by1% per year conpound, starting from the 1985 condition. In this presentation we will show you the results of our 70-year simulation.

Global Warming in the model

Temporal Evolution (Annual Mean)

Surface Air Temperature

Seasonal Variation (at the time of doubling of CO2)

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Surface Air Temperature / Precipitation / Soil Moisture

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Sea Ice / Snow and Sea Ice

Vertical Structure of the Atmosphere
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Temperature / Relative Humidity

Performance of the model in reproducing present climate

Annual Cycle

Precipitation ... comparison with the observation (GPCP)



Model El Nino / Decadal Pacific Variability

Model Description