Water resource and its variability in Asia

in the 21st century



(1)Spatial & Temporal interpolation of land-use
and land surface environment

(2)Projection of global & Asian water circulation

(3)Future perspective of variability of Water
resources in Asia based on climate projection


Water resource issues=from struggle for oil to that for water resource
Insufficiency in quantity
Land-use change due to the growth of population and the expansion of agricultural land
Unstable water supply
Higher demand and larger natural variability due to climate change
International Activities
HELP(Hydrological programme for environment, life and policy)
3rd World Water Forum(Japan, 2003)

Overall project structure

  IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
LUCC: IGU/ Land Use and Land Cover Change
GAME: GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment
GSWP: Global Soil Wetness Project

(1)Spatial & Temporal interpolation of land use

and land surface environment

(2) Projection of Global and Asian Water Circulation

(3)Future perspective of variability of Water resources in Asia based on climate projection

Main features of the Project

Making most of the existing research framework for global water resource prediction,


Considering seasonal changes in demand for agricultural water demand and future changes in crops and/or land use due to climate variability,
We Assess the change of supply/demand situation in Asia with high resolution in 21st century, paying attention to considerable interannual changes.
Research outcomes will contribute to the 3rd World Water Forum, the 4th Assessment of the IPCC, as well as to the water resource management policy making for agricultural, industrial and living water.


Problems of Prediction of

Future Water Resources up to now


  • Most arguments come out from average value
    We need consideration for Annual climate variability(flood、drought)

  • Only one model is used
    Leaves some doubts for accuracy of outcome

  • Coarse horizontal resolution

Collaboration with Asian Countries

China Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences :Collection and analysis hisotrical agricultural land-use data. Estimate about productivity of land
Institute of Remote Sensing Applications : Collection and analysis of satellite image data
National Foundational Geographic Information Center: Collection and analysis numerical map data
Chinese academy of sciences, Institute of atmospheric physics:Inter comparison regional climate models
National climate center:Inter comparison for East asian climate modeling
R.of Korea Seoul National University, Yonsei University:Inter comparison with east asia modeling
Vietnam Vietnam National Center for Natural Science and Technology Institute of Geography:analyze of satellite picture, correct and analyze for land, land use data, land use change model
Thailand Asian Institute of Technology:Analysis of satellite image data.Collection and analysis map and land-use data, land-use transition model
National Research Council of Thailand、Royal irrigation department、Thai meteorological department, etc:Collection of hydro-geographical meteorological data, application for water resources administration
India National Bureau of Soil Survey & Land Use Planning:Collection and analysis map, land-use data. land-use transision model
National Remote Sensing Agency:Collection and analysis of Satellite images
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology:prediction about green house effects for indian water resources