Udai Shimada

Job titleResearcher
SectionThe 2nd lab./Typhoon Research Department
ExpertiseTropical cyclone
Analytical studies on tropical cyclones by using Doppler radar data.
  • Shimada, U., K. Aonashi, and Y. Miyamoto, 2017: Tropical cyclone intensity change and axisymmetricity deduced from GSMaP. Mon. Wea. Rev., 145, 1003-1017.
  • Shimada, U., M. Sawada, and H. Yamada, 2016: Evaluation of the accuracy and utility of tropical cyclone intensity estimation using single ground-based doppler radar observations. Mon. Wea. Rev., 144, 1823-1840.
  • Shimada, U., A. Wada, K. Yamazaki, and N. Kitabatake, 2014: Roles of an upper-level cold vortex and low-level baroclinicity in the development of polar lows over the Sea of Japan. Tellus, 66A, 24694.
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