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Takahiro Toyoda

Job titleSenior Researcher
SectionThe 1st lab./Oceanography and Geochemistry Research Department
Expertisephysical oceanography, data assimilation, ocean modelling, sea ice, surface mixed layer, mode water
DegreePhD (Science)
Publications Original articles (lead author) Recent collavorative works Some other collavorative works Other works
  • Ishikawa, Y., T. Awaji, M. Ikeda, and T. Toyoda (2014): Coupling of physical and bio-geochemical process and monitoring ocean circulation using data assimilation system, Western Pacific Air-Sea Interaction Study, Eds. M. Uematsu, Y. Yokouchi, Y. W. Watanabe, S. Takeda, and Y. Yamanaka, 237-241.
  • Toyoda, T., et al. (2014): Mixed layer depth intercomparison among global ocean sysntheses/reanalyses, CLIVAR Exhanges, 64, 22-24. (other 9 articles in the same issue.)
  • Toyoda, T. (2005): Analysis of the water mass structure and circulation in the North Pacific surface and intermediate layers by using an ocean general circulation model, Kyoto University, PhD thesis.
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