Junshi Ito

Job titleResearcher
SectionThe 1st lab./Forecast Research Department
ExpertiseAtmospheric boundary layer, Large eddy simulation
DegreePh. D.
  • Junshi Ito, Hiroshi Niino, Mikio Nakanishi, and Chin-Hoh Moeng, 2015: An extension of the Mellor-Yamada model to the Terra Incognita zone for dry convective mixed layers in the free convection regime. Boundary-Layer Meteorol.,, 157, 123-143.
  • Yoshiaki Miyamoto, Junshi Ito, Seiya Nishizawa, and Hirofumi Tomita, 2015: A linear thermal stability analysis of discretize fluid equation. Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, 29, 155-169.
  • Junshi Ito, Hiroshi Niino, and Mikio Nakanishi, 2014: Horizontal turbulent diffusivity in convective mixed layer. J. Fluid Mech., 758, 553-564.
  • Junshi Ito and Hiroshi Niino, 2014: Particle Image Velocimetry of a Dust Devil Observed in a Desert. SOLA, 10, 108-111.
  • Junshi Ito, Hiroshi Niino, and Mikio Nakanishi, 2014: Formation mechanism of dust devil-like vortices in idealized convective mixed layers. J. Atmos. Sci., 70, 1173-1186.
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