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Large wind tunnel

The MRI Large Wind Tunnel is one of the largest boundary-layer wind tunnels in Japan, with a long test section and heating/cooling systems. Since the maximum wind speed is high, this wind tunnel is also available for other purposes, e.g., development of meteorological instruments. The measurement system includes a hot-wire anemometer, a laser Doppler anemometer, a sonic anemometer, and a cold-wire anemometer.

Rain gauge
Model of the Narita International Airport (scale ratio: 2000). We studied turbulence caused by buildings of the airport. Model of an island 180km south of Tokyo (scale ratio: 10000). Its volcano erupted in 2001. We studied how the volcanic gas diffused over the island. Smoke from the model volcano was visualized by using a laser sheet. This rain gauge has a shield against the wind. We studied the efficiency of the shield.

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