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There exist about 1500 active volcanoes on the earth, and huge eruptions occurred repeatedly in volcanoes. They caused damage to the surrounding area, and some of them affected all over the world by climate change.

In Japan, a historic large-scale eruption, known as the Ho-ei Eruption, occurred at Mt. Fuji about 300 years ago, and lots of volcanic ashfallen in Edo, old name of Tokyo, as far as about 100 km. If a similar eruption occurs today, our modern life will be severely damaged by volcanic ash, and we should suffer an great economic loss. In order to take effective measures against such hazardous situations, it is important to capture eruptions immediately and to predict where and how much ash will fall.

For such large-scale volcanic eruptions, we have just started a new research project. One of our subject in the research is a development of immediate monitoring technique of eruption using weather radar, meteorological satellite and other instruments. Utilizing the monitoring data, we are also researching on volcanic ash transport based on numerical method, improving our Eruption Column Model and Atmospheric Transport Model, to predict ash fall immediately, quantitatively and accurately.


Job titleName
HeadTetsuo Tokumoto
Senior ResearcherToshiki Shimbori
Senior ResearcherEiichi Sato
ResearcherKensuke Ishii
Concurrent PostKeiichi Fukui

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