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Summary Account

It is promising to observe volcano by geodetic method for "volcanic activity assessment", or grasping of accumulation and migration of subsurface magma. And it is important for hazard mitigation to have "a scenario of volcanic activity", assumed sequence of change and transition of volcanic phenomena including deformation of volcanic edifice. This research aims for contribution to the Volcanic Warnings of JMA by studying subsurface magma activity using geodetic observation data and improving the assessment and the scenario of the volcanic activity.


Job titleName
HeadKazuya Kokubo
Senior ResearcherHiroyuki Takayama
Senior ResearcherShin'ya Onizawa
ResearcherYutaka Nagaoka
Researcher (Sapporo Office)Satoshi Okuyama
Researcher (Sendai Office)Jun Okada
Researcher (Tokyo Office)Ryohei Kawaguchi
Researcher (Fukuoka Office)Takehiko Mori

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