Project: Research on the improvement of typhoon track forecasting and objective intensity analysis (FY 2014-2018)

Subproject 2: Research on estimating intensity of tropical cyclones and elucidating their rapid intensification, structure change, and their predictability

(1) To improve methods of estimating intensity of tropical cyclone (TC) based on satellite data including the TRMM microwave imager (TMI) and the advanced microwave sounding units (AMSUs) on board polar orbital satellites, together with observations from the JMA's ground-based Doppler radars.

(2) To elucidate processes that cause rapid intensification of a TC and its structural change using observations and high-resolution numerical simulations. Also, to obtain scientific knowledge of improving the accuracy of TC intensity forecasts by investigating the impacts of physical parameterizations and the related model parameters.

(3) To elucidate mechanisms that cause heavy rainfall and strong winds associated with the TCs that affected Japan by using analysis of observations and numerical simulations.


In preparations.

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