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Plate data

plate_data.tar.gz [331 KB]

*: Please specify a source article corresponding to the area precisely when you used this data of plate configuration as follows:

Hokkaido - Tohoku districts:

Kita et al. (2010, EPSL); Nakajima and Hasegawa (2006, GRL)

southern Tohoku - Kanto districts:

Nakajima and Hasegawa (2006, GRL); Hirose et al. (2008, Zisin2); Nakajima et al. (2009, JGR)

southwestern Japan:

Baba et al. (2002, PEPI); Nakajima and Hasegawa (2007, JGR); Hirose et al. (2008, JGR)


1. By downloading & decompressing data file (plate_data.tar.gz), "plate_data" folder is made.

2. By using "contour_map_PHS.gmt" in the folder, depth contours of the Philippine Sea slab (contour_map_PHS.ps, PHS) is illustrated. (*)

3. By using "contour_map_PAC.gmt" in the folder, depth contours of the Pacific slab (contour_map_PAC.ps, PAC) is illustrated. (*)

*: Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) should have been installed in your PC.

Composition of plate data files

Pacific plate

[PAC]: Hokkaido - northern Tohoku districts[Kita et al. (2010, EPSL)],
     northern - southern Tohoku[Nakajima and Hasegawa (2006, GRL)],
     Kanto district - northern Izu arc[Nakajima et al. (2009, JGR)]

*Note: Depth contours in the Pacific plate are illustrated by using GMT's interpolation command because data are composed every 0.2 degrees in latitude and longitude.


Philippine Sea plate

 [sw]: southwestern Japan[Hirose et al. (2008, JGR)]
 *: Depth contour of 20 km near the Kii peninsula of [Hirose et al. (2007, Zisin2)]is revised.

 [kanto]: Kanto district[Hirose et al. (2008a, Zisin2)]

 [izu3]: northern area of Izu island[Nakajima et al. (2009, JGR)]

 [nakajima]: deeper part of the Philippine Sea slab[Nakajima and Hasegawa (2007, JGR)]

 [baba]: depth contour of 10 km along the Nankai trough[Baba et al. (2002, PEPI)]