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Research Activities


The main target of our study is "extreme weather events" such as localized heavy rain and tornadoes which most likely cause severe disasters.

For the purpose of securely protecting our lives and society by developing the technology to monitor and predict these phenomena, we promote the research projects shown below.

1) Development of observational instruments
and systems

2) Investigation of generation mechanism of
extreme weather events

3) Development of detection and short-time forecast algorithms

We especially devote ourselves to the development of a Phased-Array Radar (PAR) which, by shifting the vertical beam direction electronically, realizes an extremely rapid update scanning (~10 seconds per volume). PAR is an innovative instrument which greatly advances our understanding of extreme weather events and the technology for their monitoring and prediction.


HeadKenichi Kusunoki
Senior ResearcherToru Adachi
Senior ResearcherHanako Inoue
Visiting ResearcherKen-ichiro Arai
Visiting ResearcherNaoki Ishitsu
Visiting ResearcherChusei Fujiwara


Observational and Statistical Studies for Better Monitoring and Forecast of High-Impact Weather

The Shonai Area Railroad Weather Project

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