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Research Activities


Our mission is to serve the needs of mitigating weather disasters by developing and deploying state-of-the-art remote instrumentation including the MRI advanced C-band solid-state polarimetric radar (MACS-POL), wind profiler with RASS and GPS/GNSS. The observing systems provide information required to make predictions of hazardous weather phenomena such as heavy rainstorms and tornados as well as diagnosis of hazardous convective clouds.

The polarimetric capabilities of MACS-POL lead to improved precipitation estimates, as well as real-time identification of hydrometeor types and tornados. In addition, we are developing algorithms to compute and monitor in real time the low-level humidity that are essential to the development of convective clouds from GPS/GNSS data along with other remote sensing technologies including radar.


HeadYoshinori Shojiphoto
Senior ResearcherAhoro Adachi
ResearcherNobuhiro Nagumo
Visiting ResearcherMasahito Ishihara
Visiting ResearcherTakahisa Kobayashiphoto


  • Improvement of mesoscale weather prediction and information for disaster prevention
  • Observational and Statistical Studies for Improved Monitoring and Forecast of High-Impact Weather

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