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Research Activities

To improve both earth environment monitoring and numerical weather prediction through the use of satellite observation data, it is essential to work on the developments of advanced radiative transfer models as well as efficient data utilization methods. We are constructing a database of scattering properties of irregularly shaped ice and aerosol particles, improving the radiative transfer calculation models, and developing algorithms for retrieving atmospheric characteristics from the new generation geostationary meteorological satellites. We are also developing data assimilation technologies to improve numerical weather prediction by using various kinds of satellite data measured by visible and infrared imager, infrared sounder, microwave radiometer, cloud radar, and precipitation radar and so on.


HeadHiroshi Ishimoto
Senior ResearcherNaotaka Uekiyo
ResearcherMasahiro Hayashi
Visiting ResearcherYuzo Mano
Visiting ResearcherKazuhiko Masuda


Observational and Statistical Studies for Better Monitoring and Forecast of High-Impact Weather

Study on the improvement of typhoon track forecast and objective intensity analysis

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