pdf Michio Aoyama A background and present status of INSS and SGONS
P-1 Karel Bakker The inconvenient truth of Silicate analysis
P-2 pdf Toste Tanhua The Importance of accurate nutrient data for Cant calculations
P-3 Susan Becker, Michio Aoyama, Dan Schuller and Kenichiro Sato Initial results from the use of RMNS during the CLIVAR P6 revisit cruise by SIO.
P-4 pdf G. Nausch, B. Deutsch, T. Petenati, J. Voss, M.v.Weber Harmonization and quality assurance in marine monitoring ? how does sampling influence the comparability of data?
P-5 pdf Stephen Coverly, Roger Kerouel and Alain Aminot Identifying, quantifying and correcting matrix effects in segmented -flow seawater analysis.
P-6 pdf Takeshi Yoshimura Developing reference materials for dissolved organic matter analysis, targeting completion in 2013
P-7 pdf Hiroshi Uchida High-quality oxygen measurements by using fast-responding optode sensors
P-8 pdf Malcolm Woodward A protocol for stability tests?inter-laboratory comparison study in 2010.
P-9 Michio Aoyama Global nutrients data synthesis based on the cruises with Reference Material of Nutrients in Seawater.
pdf The General Environmental Technos CO., LTD (Kanso Technos) Results of investigations and improvements made to reference material for nutrients in seawater (RMNS)
pdf Hidekazu OTA, Hitoshi MITSUDA Munehito KIMURA, Takashi KITAO Development of reference material for nutrients in seawater (RMNS )
pdf Michio Aoyama Progress with the production of RMNS materials.
David Hydes Progress with nutrients manual
Akihiko Murata, Andrew G. Dickson The Development of Reference Materials for Oceanic CO2 Measurements: Current Status and Future Plans