General programme

March 23 (Tue) Draft

09:45-10:00 Opening session
Chair person: David Hydes
10:00-11:00 SESSION 1
Chair person: David Hydes
Develop and establish reference materials for nutrients in seawater (RMNS) collaborating with producers of currently available RMNS. Primary determinands are nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and silicate.
Aoyama Report : on progress with the production of RMNS materials. Including list of what RMNS materials are available and the ocean areas they are suitable for use in.
11:00-11:30 COFFEE
11:30-12:10 SESSION 1 Continued
P-1 Karel Bakker : The inconvenient truth of Silicate analysis
P-2 Toste Tanhua :
12:10-12:50 SESSION 2
Chair person: Michio Aoyama
Collaborate and encourage National Meteorology Institute of Japan to complete certification of RMNS for nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and silicate.
Aoyama Report : for Dr. Hioki, NMIJ on the certification.
12:50-14:30 LUNCH
14:30-15:10 SESSION 3
Chair person: Malcolm Woodward
Complete and publish a revised nutrients analysis manual.
David Report: on progress with the revised nutrients manual.
15:10-15:50 SESSION 4
Chair person: Karel Bakker
Develop new sampling and measurement protocols using the RMNS (which will form part of the manual).
15:50-16:20 COFFEE
16:20-17:20 SESSION 4 Continued
P-3 Susan Becker, Michio Aoyama, Dan Schuller and Kenichiro Sato : Initial results from the use of RMNS during the CLIVAR P6 revisit cruise by SIO
P-4 G. Nausch, B. Deutsch, T. Petenati, J. Voss, M.v.Weber : Harmonization and quality assurance in marine monitoring – how does sampling influence the comparability of data?
P-5 Stephen Coverly, Roger Kérouel and Alain Aminot : Identifying, quantifying and correcting matrix effects in segmented-flow seawater analysis
18:00-20:00 Reception (Coffee Bar of the Moillis Building, UNESCO)

March 24 (Tue) Draft

09:00-10:00 SESSION 5
Chair person: Toste Tanhua
Carry out an international collaboration exercise to verify the stability of the reference materials and test the proficiency of the new protocols.
Report : on a progress with ongoing stability test in 2009.
10:00-10:40 SESSION 6
Chair person: Anne Daniel
Distribute 10,000 bottles of RMNS to laboratories measuring nutrients as part of the CLIVAR Repeat Hydrography Program to construct a global nutrient dataset referenced to the new RMNS.
Report : on progress with planning this action and the need for water of appropriate composition
10:40-11:10 COFFEE
11:10-11:50 SESSION 7
Chair person: Akihiko Murata
Investigate the feasibility of expanding RMNS to include ammonium and dissolved organic matter.
Report : on progress
P-6 Takeshi Yoshimura : Developing reference materials for dissolved organic matter analysis, targeting completion in 2013
11:50-12:30 SESSION 8
Chair person: Michio Aoyama
Collaborate with the ocean science community that uses chemical reference materials, including carbonate system reference material for dissolved inorganic carbon, total alkalinity and pH, and dissolved oxygen in seawater.
Report : on progress
P-7 Hiroshi Uchida : High-quality oxygen measurements by using fast-responding optode sensors
12:30-14:00 LUNCH
14:00-14:40 SESSION 9
Chair person: Akihiko Murata
Promote the use of RMNS to aim for global acceptance in order to enable reliable comparability between global nutrient data sets
14:40-15:20 SESSION 10&11
Chair person: David Hydes
Report to SSGHIE on your plans to promote cooperation between EGs covering similar scientific issues.
Report : on discussion of RMNS development within the ICES Marine Chemistry Working Group.
Report to SSGHIE on potential and current contributions of your EG to the Strategic Initiative on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (SICMSP).
Chair person: Michio Aoyama