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Ocean Data Assimilation

In the second laboratory the research for ocean data assimilation is carrying out. We are developing an advanced adjoint data assimilation system and an assimilation procedure for the data from new observational systems such as gliders and ocean bottom pressure gauges. A long-term ocean reanalysis dataset will be produced by using the advanced assimilation system, in order to make the marine environment information more reliable and to elucidate mechanisms of various kinds of ocean variation. In addition, our laboratory is in collaboration with the first laboratory for the development of the high resolution ocean data assimilation system for Japanese coastal ocean that can accurately predict abnormal high tide, kyucho, and meteo tsunami sometimes occurring in Japanese coasts.

Laboratory Member

Job titleName
HeadNadao KOHNO
Senior ResearcherYosuke FUJII to Personal page
Senior ResearcherNorihisa USUI to Personal page
ResearcherNariaki HIROSE
Guest ResearcherTsurane KURAGANO

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