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About Me

Work experience
Research Scientist, Climate Research Department, Meteorological Research Institute, Japan,1992-present
Lecturer of Physics (electromagnetism, optics, relativity), Meteorological College, Japan,1986-1992
Local meteorological observatory of Kagoshima, Japan,1984-1986

Hiroshima University, HiroshimaPhysics (Cosmology and relativity)Ph.D., 1984
Thesis of Ph.D., "Naked singularities in the Vaidya spacetime" PDF
Hiroshima University, HiroshimaPhysics (Cosmology and relativity)M.S., 1981
Tokyo Institute of Technology, TokyoPhysicsB.S., 1979

My HometownKamiichi, Toyama Prefecture, Japan-----------The base of Mt. Tsurugi, one of the steepest peaks in Japanese Alps. Famous for nice spring water
My AddressOnozaki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan-----------Rural part of Tsukuba city
My HobbyMountain walking, Nature watching (plants, rocks, birds, stars etc.), Visiting of Natural history museums, Mineral collection, etc.

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Yuhji Kuroda
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