SIGMA (Snow Impurity and Glacial Microbe effects on abrupt warming in the Arctic)

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS),
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S), 23221004

SIGMA project Field Expedition 2012

flower in Qaanaaq During 2012 summer (June and July) we performed field measurements at SIGMA-A (7803fN, 6738fW, 1,490 m a.s.l) on the northwest Greenland ice sheet and SIGMA-B (7731fN, 6904fW, 950 m a.s.l) on Qaanaaq ice cap. In this page we introduce these observations briefly.

SIGMA-A on the northwest Greenland ice sheet

SIGMA 2012 expedition team members.
From left to right: S. Matoba, S. Yamaguchi, Te. Aoki, T. Tanikawa, T. Yamasaki, and M. Niwano.


Electric power was supplied by photovoltaic power generation system.

Overview of SIGMA-A camp.

Final setup of SIGMA-A AWS.

Confirmation of acquired ice core.

Ice core drilling.

Spectral albedo measurements.

Preparing spectral measurements.

Striking SIGMA-A camp.

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SIGMA-B on Qaanaaq ice cap

Wild rabbits live near Qaanaaq ice cap.

Edge of Qaanaaq ice cap.

Another Japanese expedition team led by Sugiyama-san (ILTS, Hokkaido University).

Water path on Qaanaaq ice cap.

Walking up Qaanaaq ice cap.

Getting close to SIGMA-B.


Preparing spectral albedo measurements near SIGMA-B.

Spectral albedo measurements for "red snow".

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