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research plan Our laboratory is conducting studies in terms of detailed understanding of extreme climate and their mechanisms and predictability. In our planet earth, various extreme climates such as heavy rainfall/snowfall, drought, and heat wave sometimes occur and influence our lives and properties. Japan Meteorological Agency defines the extreme climate as rare phenomena once per 30 years or longer period. Their degree largely depends on an area or a season. So that, it is necessary to objectively quantify their degree. We study how to quantify such extreme climate and to understand why extreme climate occurs. In addition, the predictability study of extreme climate in seasonal time scale is also our important theme.


Head Tosiyuki Nakaegawa (HP)
Senior Researcher Chiaki Kobayashi (HP)
Senior Researcher Yayoi Harada
Researcher Hirotaka Kamahori (HP)
Guest Researcher Takafumi Miyasaka
Guest Researcher Rui Ito

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