(2) Study on improvement in land surface model and ocean surface model

* Objective

The objectives are improve the land surface model and the surface and sub-surface processes in the ocean model.

The models are used in the unified global atomosphere and ocean coupled model. We improve the fluxes between atmosphere and land surface, and between atmosphere and ocean.

* Plan

(1) Study on improvement in modeling of land surface processes

- To decrese the bias which snow melting season is too early, we improve the snow processes.

- To correct the deficit which the ratio of river runoff is too small, we improve the soil processes.

(2) Study on improvement in modeling of ocean surface processes

- To improve the simulation of oceanic seasonal and interannual variations, we verify heat flux obtained in modeling of ocean surface processes and tune ocean mixed layer scheme.

- To reduce the biases of fluxes in the coupled model, we investigate and tune the fluxes at sea surface in the atmospheric model.

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