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Our laboratory promotes and facilitates basic theoretical research on climate change and clarifying the cause of climate change. We are developing and improving the tool called "climate model", which implements physical laws governing the atmosphere and ocean of the earth, in order to use in climate change research. The climate model reasonable well reproduces the observed climate of the earth. Therefore, we can investigate the cause of global scale variability of temperature and precipitation over centuries from the past to the present.


Job titleName
HeadSeiji YUKIMOTO      HP
Senior ResearcherHideaki KAWAI      HP
Senior ResearcherEiki SHINDO
ResearcherKohei YOSHIDA      HP
ResearcherTomoaki OSE     HP
Guest ResearcherShoji KUSUNOKI     HP
Guest ResearcherMasato SUGI
Guest ResearcherAkira NODA
Guest ResearcherShunsuke NOGUCHIHP
Research AssociateTsuyoshi KOSHIROHP


    On going projects

  1. Research on the improvement climate model and long term variability of climate and environment [2014-2018]
  2. Research on advanced seasonal prediction and mechanisms of extreme climate events [2014-2018]
  3. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
  4. The prediction and understanding of solar cycle activity and its impact on climate [2015-2019]

    Collaborative projects

  1. Integrated Research Program for Advancing Climate Models[2017-2021]
  2. Integrated climate change prediction

  3. Research on th individual physical processes relating the formation and variability of paleoclimate
  4. Research on th individual physical processes relating the formation and variability of climate system

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